ar450 steel targets
ar450 steel targets
ar450 steel targets
ar450 steel targets

8" AR450 Square Steel Target

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Product Description

Looking for a target to use at the pistol range? Improve your rimfire skills with? Keep in the back 40 at the farm? Or teach your kids to shoot with? Then this is the target for you. Our 3/16” square steel targets are made of high strength AR450 steel which is made to handle the stress of repeated practice shots. With our shoot and see style design you get instant results and feedback so you can make adjustments on the next shot.

Design Specifications

  • Dimensions – 8"
  • Weight – 3.40LB
  • Steel Thickness – 3/16”
  • Neon Orange Powder Coat
  • Shoot and See Results
  • Square Holes for Carriage Bolts
  • Approved for Rimfire and Handguns up to 1500fps
  • 90-Day Warranty



** Price is for steel target only, does not include lumber, stand brackets and hardware.

If your tired of shooting through mild steel targets at the range or board of shooting the same old paper target then its time to take the next step and upgrade to an AR450 steel target from Rifle Target. By using only a premium grade AR450 steel we can confidently say that our targets are able to handle impacts from calibres up to 338 Win Mag with heavy bullets. If your going to spend the money on a steel target then you might as well make the investment in an AR450 steel target. Making the smart decision to buy an AR450 steel target means you can shoot all day long, pack up and come back to reuse the steel target again and again. This means more money in your pocket to buy ammunition and firearms. By only using a premium grade AR450 steel for our steel targets Rifle Target can assure that you won’t see premature damage and deformation from impacts. If your looking for a steel target to stop a bullet dead in it’s tracks then look no further than a premium grade AR450 steel target from Rifle Target!!

Mild Steel Targets vs. AR450 Steel Targets—What Should You Choose?

Ask any shooter about their choice for shooting targets and most them will respond, immediately, by saying that nothing beats the feeling of shooting steel. Who doesn’t love the sound that steel makes when it is hit by a bullet? When it comes to choosing shooting targets, steel targets are the most preferred choice of shooters, hands down.

However, when it comes to steel targets, there are quite a few types of steel targets available to choose from. The most prominent , arguably, are the mild steel targets and AR450 steel targets. Both types of targets are prominent, no doubt, but they certainly have a few pros and cons of their own. So, which of these two should you choose? Let’s find out:

Mild Steel Targets

Following are the pros and cons of mild steel targets:


The material used in mild steel targets is readily available and one can, easily, find some mild steel in recycle bins, scrap yards, steel blanks and other such places, where steel is disposed off.


Since mild steel is readily available, it is very cheap and may, even, be gotten a hold of for free, sometimes.

Shooting Experience

The shooting experience, when using mild steel targets, is full on quality, to say the least. When you shoot at a mild steel target, you can be sure to get the same audio and visual responses that you associate with shooting steel.


The biggest disadvantage of shooting mild steel targets is that it is unsafe. When you shoot a mild steel target, it gets damaged and a crater, of sorts, is formed on its surface. These craters may cause the bullets and the jackets to, at times, sling around and ricochet towards the shooter, himself.


Mild steel targets, understandably, do not last very long. The crater, formed from the shooting, get bigger and bigger over time until the target has big hole in it. More powerful guns, however, have the potential to punch a hole into the surface of mild steel with a single shot.

AR450 Steel Targets

Following are the pros and cons of AR450 steel targets:


AR450 steel, on the other hand, is not readily available. It is hard, at times, to get your hand on some AR450 steel for your AR450 steel targets.


Since AR450 is not readily available, it is extremely expensive. A, mere, sheet of it may cost $750, at least.

Shooting Experience

The shooting experience offered by AR450 steel targets top that of mild steel targets.


Unlike mild steel, AR450 steel targets do not form craters with time. The safety offered by these targets is excellent.


AR450 steel targets are very durable, to say the least. If the target is not too thin and you are not using big guns at close range, you can be sure that even your entire lifetime won’t be enough to wear out AR450.

Final Words

When everything has been taken into consideration, one has to say that the benefits offered by AR450 steel far outweigh the cost. The biggest pro of using AR450 steel targets is the safety that they offer and, come to think about it, nothing matters more than your life. Use AR450 steel targets and enjoy shooting, responsibly!

Steel Targets Safety:

Shooting steel targets is a popular recreational activity but, needless to say, if the necessary precautions are not taken, it can quickly become fraught with dangers. Here, we aim to discuss the basic precautionary methods that are necessary for this sport.

Rules for Firearms Safety:

Following are the measures that are necessary to ensure before the handling of firearms.

The Assumption:

When handling firearms, always assume every firearm to be loaded, and handle accordingly.

Unload if Necessary:

Going by the assumption that the firearm is loaded, keep your trigger finger off the trigger and out of the trigger guard. Also, ensure that you are controlling the muzzle at all times. If the firearm is found to be loaded unload it.

The Safety Check:

After ensuring that the firearm is unloaded, it is important to examine it for safety reasons. Ensure that the firearm is, still, facing in the safest possible direction (a necessary precaution for all times) and perform a few quick checks such as: removing all cartridges, observing the chamber, verifying the feeding path and examining the bore.

These checks need to be performed at all times, regardless of the circumstances.

Rules for Steel Targets Safety:

After ensuring that your firearm is safe and ready to be used, the following precautions need to be considered, at all times, to ensure that recreational shooting is done in the safest possible way:

The Laws of the Land:

Just because it is recreational shooting does NOT mean that it is above the law of the land. Ensure that the use of steel targets does not run against any relevant provincial, state or municipal law.

The Protective Gear:

It is important for all shooters and observers, involved in steel target shooting, to wear the necessary, protective gear comprising of full pants, full-sleeved shirts, a brimmed cap, closed toes shoes, hearing protection and OSHA rated, wrap-around, shatter resistant eye protection.

Damaged Steel Targets:

It is necessary to inspect the steel targets, to be used, for any defects including: craters, pits, cracks, bends, etc. NEVER shoot such defected targets. I repeat…NEVER!

Beginners Beware:

The steel targets are meant to be used by experienced professionals, who are competent in shooting and are knowledgeable enough to mitigate the risks involved. It is imperative for all individuals, who do not meet the criteria, to seek the help of instructors and ranged officers before shooting steel targets.

The Placement:

In case of hard ground surfaces beneath the steel targets, be sure to cover them with, at least, three inches of boxed pea gravel or sand. A piece of plywood, half inch or so, can also be used for the same purpose. If multiple targets are being used, each target must be placed at a three feet lateral and deep offset from the adjacent targets.

The Bullets:

Each steel target depending on steel type and thickness will have a different safety rating for the rifle caliber it can be safely used for. Make sure to follow recommended caliber suggestions from the steel target manufacturer before shooting any steel target. Do not use any ammunition that travels below 750 feet per second or has a steel core. Steel shot and air gun pellets are also to be avoided.

In addition to the above-mentioned precautions, it is necessary to ensure that you buy your steel targets from reputable manufacturers, such as Rifle Target. Accidents can happen at any time—all we can do is limit the probability.