Long Range Caliber Options

long range caliber options for shooting ar500 targets

Have you just gotten into long range shooting? If yes, then you must be perplexed at which long range caliber you should use, considering the wide range of options that are available, right? Well, let’s make your choice a little hassle-free. Here are a few long ranged caliber options that you should consider:

.300 Winchester Magnum

The .300 Winchester Magnum was, once, the fastest of .30 caliber cartridge but has been overshadowed, now, by several other .30s that not only shoot fast but also flat. Then why is .300 Winchester Magnum still considered one of the best in the business? It is because the .300 Winchester Magnum not only shoots very flat but, at the same time, offers the kind of recoil that is manageable for even the most novice shooters. Its ammo is readily available in the markets and, considering the success stories behind its back, I think it’s safe to say that it is not a slouch either.

7mm Remington Magnum

Regardless of the fact that the Remington Magnum is now more than a 50 years old, the fact of the matter is that it is, still, one of the best and, arguably, the most popular 7mm cartridge out there. This fact—considering the large number of 7mm cartridges that have been introduced over the years—is astounding, to say the least. Its ammo, the .284 bullets, are readily available in a large selection, meaning that you can find the right bullet to suit your shooting needs.  

.220 Swift

As is apparent from its name, the .220 Swift is renowned for its speed. Initially introduced by Winchester in 1935, the .220s were met with mixed reviews owing to the fact that some of the most renowned hunters summed them up to be “mere barrel burners.” However, the barrels that we have nowadays are able to sustain the .220’s speed that exceeds 4,000 fps. Rest assured, there aren’t many varmint loads that can match the trajectory that is offered by the .220 Swift in this bullet caliber.

.270 Winchester Short Magnum

The .270 Winchester Short Magnum is based on the .300 Winchester Short Magnum and is known to be effective. From deer to yaks, the .270 Winchester Short Magnum can be used to hunt, almost, anything in North America—with the exception of grizzly bears, of course. Owing to the popularity of the .270 Winchester, there are a number of .277 bullets that are readily available in the market. However, one con of the .270 Winchester Short Magnum lies in the fact that it generates more recoil. But when you consider the benefits that it has got to offer, you have to say that it is worth it!

Regardless of which long ranged caliber you choose for your hunting, you have to remember to practice first. If you are looking for steel shooting targets for sale, then Rifle Target has got EXACTLY what you are looking for. From AR500 targets to steel gong targets, Rifle Targets has got it all!

long range rifle cartridges for shooting ar500 targets

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