How to Properly Break In a Rifle Barrel


breaking in rifle barrel to shoot ar500 targetsHave you just got a new rifle? Now before you go out to try it, there is something that needs to be done: break in the rifle barrel. There are several methods through which this can be accomplished but not all of them are proper. Here’s how you can properly break in your rifle barrel:

1) Clean the Barrel

When breaking in a rifle barrel, the first thing that you would want to ensure is that the rifle barrel is clean. “But I just bought my new rifle, it’s bound to be clean”, you say? Well, it is not a certainty. What I mean is that there are times when some manufacturing residue is left behind inside the barrel. This residue, if not taken care of, will not let you take many shots from your rifle.

cleaning rifle to shoot ar500 targets

So, before you fire that rifle of yours for the first time, take a patch, dip it inside a solution, attach it to a cleaning rod and run it through the barrel. Repeat this procedure with multiple dry patches, until a patch comes out clean and dry. Remember: if there is any dirt, grit or residue left inside your barrel before the first shot is taken then it will cause your rifle to foul out faster, over time.

2) Shoot and Clean

cleaning rifle before shooting targets

Here is a blueprint of how this is supposed to happen: after you have cleaned the barrel for the first time, it is time to take the first shot. After taking the first shot, clean the barrel properly so that it is free of any copper and gunpowder residue left behind. Take another shot, clean again, and repeat. This step is supposed to be repeated until you feel that the barrel is taking significantly lesser time and patches for cleaning. A procedure by which this point can be identified is to compare the first patches of all of the cleaning jobs. If the latest patch is significantly cleaner than the one that you used for the first shot, it means that the procedure has been half completed.

3) Shooting In Strings and Clean

cleaning rifle before shooting targetsNext, you are supposed to shoot the rifle in strings of three before cleaning. A key indicator of how many times you will need to repeat the procedure would again be how quickly the barrel cleans. An important thing to note is that while shooting in strings, you can use your bullets for a lot more than, merely, breaking your rifle in. What I mean is that you should use it as an opportunity for sighting in and testing your new rifle out. There is no point in wasting rounds.

Once the procedure of breaking your new rifle in has been completed, it is time to test your rifle out. Why not get a few steel shooting targets—like AR500 steel targets or reactive steel targets—to test what your rifle can do? If you are looking for steel shooting targets for sale, then you should know that Rifle Target has got everything that you might need for this purpose.

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